The Bunker Detective Survey is carried out in the name of the charterers to find the hidden fuel on board.


The Condition of ships aims to determine the condition of it at the time of the delivery or the re-delivery of the vessel after a rental period. The inspection is usually followed by a bunker survey or a calculation of fuel remaining on board.


The Bunker Survey and the Bunker Quantity Service have the purpose to determine the amount of fuel on board at the time of the delivery or the re-delivery of the vessel. It is also used to confirm the amount of fuel supplied to the ship and to report any loss. Thus, it is used to support claims and disputes over quantity differences.


Draft Survey to determine the amount of cargo shipped or landed in a ship. For this, an inspection should be carried out on the vessel´s arrival to the port, and another one at the end of the operations. This is based on an Archimedes' principle:

"Any body partially or totally submerged in a liquid receives a vertical thrust from the bottom up equal to the weight of the liquid dislodged"

The weight of the displaced water volume includes not only the load, but also the weight of the empty vessel and all the deductible liquids on board. In addition, it will include the so-called constant of the vessel. All the necessary information and data are obtained from the tables and/or the curves of the ship, determining the displacement at the beginning and at the end of the operations, from the reading of the drafts.